Access to your own records

Anyone can make a request to see the information that Medway NHS Foundation Trust holds about them.

To access a copy of your health records, please complete the form to the right of this page and send it, together with copies of two pieces of identification from the table below (one from section A and one from section B)

Section A - Something to prove who you are

  • UK Passport
  • Passport from eligible countries including EU/EEA
  • Driving licence (driving licences without a photo are not acceptable)
  • EU/EEA National Identity card
  • UK birth certificate (under 18s only)
  • National Insurance Card (Under 18s only)
  • Medical card (under 18s only)

Section B - Something with your current home address (less than three months old)

  • Utility bill
  • Phone bill
  • Local authority council tax bill
  • HMRC tax code notification
  • Benefits or pensions notification letter confirming the right to benefit
Please send your completed form and proof of ID to the following postal address:
Legal Services - SARs Team
Residence 15
Medway NHS Foundation Trust
Medway Maritime Hospital
Windmill Road
Or email:

How much will it cost?

From 4 July 2016 the Trust will invoice you for payment prior to your records being prepared for disclosure. Once you have paid for your records, we will prepare them for disclosure to you.
The fees are as follows:
Up to 10 pages of records: £10 + £10 for imaging
Up to 25 pages of records: £25 + £10 for imaging
Over 25 pages and images: £50 including imaging
To view records £10 with the above fees applying if copies taken

How long will it take?

The Trust is must comply with our obligations under the Data Protection Act promptly and within 40 days following the date that you pay for your records. If additional clarification of your request is needed, the 40 day period does not start until that is received.

Can I be refused access to my health records?

You can be refused access to your records or part of them:
  • if your doctor thinks you or someone else could be harmed as a result
  • the information relates to, or was provided by, an identified individual apart from yourself or a health professional
  • you are applying on behalf of someone who has died or who is no longer capable of managing their own affairs, but who originally gave the information on the understanding that it wouldn't be revealed later
Should you be unhappy with the outcome of your request, you should in the first instance contact the named individual at Medway NHS Foundation Trust who responded to your request.
You may also contact the Information Commissioner directly if you remain dissatisfied:
Information Commissioners Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Telephone: 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 if you prefer to use a local number.