Additional care

Neonatal Transitional Care (TC)

Transitional care is located within Pearl Ward.  It is an area where babies requiring care from specialist neonatal staff may be admitted but with facilities for a parent to stay as well.

Babies requiring extra care either following birth or after a staying in The Oliver Fisher Neonatal Unit (OFNU) may be admitted. A parent stays with the baby to provide care supported by the OFNU staff and the maternity team. Once the woman is able to be discharged, parents may swap who remains in hospital with their baby. 

Mothers still requiring care for their own health will be looked after by midwives and MSW’s. Once fit for discharge they will receive the same care to that which would be provided in the community setting with postnatal checks only when required. Once discharged any medication needed will be dispensed so that they can be self-administered as prescribed.

One parent/ guardian must remain with the baby, it is not possible to leave any baby in the care of staff alone.

Midwifery Additional Care (MAC)

The Midwifery Additional Care (MAC) Pathway for babies is now being offered on Kent Ward. This pathway has been created for those babies requiring either Intravenous Antibiotics or Phototherapy for physiological jaundice. This is beneficial for families as it means that they are cared for by Maternity staff on our postnatal ward supported by the Neonatal Team, rather than be admitted directly onto the Oliver Fisher Neonatal Unit. Preventing term admissions to the neonatal unit and reducing separation between mother and baby is our priority. Provided that baby is well, it is recommended babies stay together with their mothers on the postnatal ward.

Maternity Enhanced Care Unit (MECU) 

MECU is situated on our Delivery Suite. It provides an intermediate level of care for any woman requiring a higher level of care above that readily available on the antenatal or postnatal ward. It can include women requiring step-down care from the ITU or HDU wards. Provided that baby is well, it is recommended babies stay together with their mothers on MECU.