Labelling and transporting your own sample

The Laboratory’s criteria for accepting and rejecting samples

The laboratory has criteria for the acceptance of its samples. Please ensure all the details given below are included and accurate to prevent unnecessary rejection or delays:
  • Last name/surname in block capitals
  • First name in lower case script
  • Date of Birth and NHS number, if available
  • Date collected
  • Time collected - use 24-hour clock
Please note that by supplying a sample for testing, you are consenting to the disclosure of clinical information to other clinicians if required as part of your treatment.

Instructions for transportation of samples, including any special handling needs:

Please note that samples can be dropped off at the post box by the Porters desk at the main entrance to the hospital or they can be brought to the pathology department which is located in the red zone on level 4. We are open from 0800 - 1800 Monday to Friday and 0800 - 1300 on Saturday.
  • All containers must be leak proof and sealed correctly
  • All samples must be transported at ambient temperature – not too cold or too hot
  • Samples must not be placed into pockets or other containers that may be used for another purpose e.g. sandwich boxes
  • Never use staples in association with sample transportation
  • The lid of the sample must be secured to prevent leakage
  • The sample must be placed into a secondary container which may be a pop seal or self-seal (GP request forms) plastic bag. The request form should be attached or placed in the accompanying pouch separate from the sample

Remember to label your sample