Medway and Swale Children’s Diabetes Service

The Medway and Swale Children's Diabetes Service is a multi-professional team supporting all children and young people with diabetes from birth to 19 years of age.

We are based at Medway Maritime Hospital and look after nearly 300 patients. We offer management of diabetes from diagnosis for children and young people age 0-17 and support their transfer to adult services at age of 18-19. We provide a comprehensive paediatric diabetes service, including insulin pumps according to NICE guidelines.

As a paediatric diabetes team our ultimate aim is for our children and young people to accept and integrate their diabetes as seamlessly as possible into their lives in order to safeguard their future health and happiness.

We believe the key to success is open and honest two-way communication which will enable us to deliver age appropriate, up to date and consistent quality care and education to suit each family’s individual needs.

We aim to be a responsive service and it is only by working in partnership with each family that our children can develop into young adults who have the skills to effectively self-manage their diabetes resulting in a quality of life which is not hampered by their diagnosis.

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