Medway Simulation Suite

Our simulation suite consists of:
  • Theatre Suite
  • Console Room
  • Debrief Room
  • Communications Skills Room
  • Human Factors Skills Room
The Simulation Theatre, Communications Room and Human Factors Skills Room can be adapted to support the running of various staged scenarios. Approximately eight faculty members can occupy the Observation Room. A one way mirror separates this room from the Simulation Theatre, so scenarios can be controlled and observed. The Debrief Room can hold approx 14 candidates where staged scenarios can be watched on a large screen as they happen in the Theatre Room or Communication Skills Room.
Our Manikins
  • SimMan 3G
  • SimMan 2
  • SimMum (Noelle)
  • SimJunior
  • SimBaby
  • SimNew B

Find us

The Simulation Suite is situated within the Postgraduate Centre.


Jo Howard
Multi Professional Simulation Co-Ordinator
Telephone: 01634 830000 ext 6186
Tuesday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm
Emily Cole
Simulation Technician Apprentice
Telephone: 01634 830000 ext 6186
Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm