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Facing Cancer Fighting Fit

Going through major surgery can be a traumatic experience both physically and psychologically. If you are having surgery, what you do now, and the weeks before your surgery can have a big impact on your recovery after your procedure - and we are here to support you all the way.

MeFit - Medway's Prehabilitation Service - aims to get you to your optimal health before your operation, helping you to prepare for the challenges of surgery, and ultimately help you to recover faster and get back to your pre-surgery way of life as quickly as possible. The MeFit team will also support you in the difficult post- operative days and weeks.

What is prehabilitation?

In the same way that rehabilitation helps people recover following an illness or injury, prehabilitation helps patients build their strength and fitness before surgery. This means that their recovery time is often shorter, and they are able to return to the quality of life they enjoyed before their operation sooner.

Prehabilitation is part of cancer care to improve physical fitness and mental well-being of the patients with individualised exercises, healthy eating advice, de stressing techniques and support with stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake. Increased fitness following prehabilitation helps patients to cope with stress of treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy.

MeFit also supports all the patients who are awaiting non-cancer major surgery. 

The MeFit team

Led by consultant anaesthetists, the MeFit team consists of exercise physiologists, a dietician, diabetic nurse, pharmacist and a psychiatrist to support mental well-being:

Dr Manisha Shah, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Sam Black, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Chee Chu, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Pavol Palcovic, Consultant Intensivist
Dr Robert Tonko, Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Katina Damaskinidou, Consultant Psychiatrist
Mr Leon Fu, Exercise Physiologist
Mr Josh, Exercise Physiologist
Mr Dean, Perioperative Dietitian

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