Integrated audit committee

The Integrated Audit Committee as an oversight committee is required to review whether there is an effective system of integrated governance, risk management and internal control, across the whole of the Trust's activities (both clinical and non-clinical) that support the achievement of the Trust's objectives. The Committee is responsible for providing assurance to the Trust Board on the Trust’s system of internal control by means of independent and objective review of financial and corporate governance, and risk management arrangements, including compliance with law, guidance, and regulations governing the NHS.

The Integrated Audit Committee's membership is made up of not less than three Non-Executive Directors.  Attendees include the Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary, auditors (both internal and external) and the local counter fraud specialist. Executive Directors and other managers may be invited to attend meetings to provide assurance on specific areas.

The Integrated Audit Committee reports to the Trust Board after every meeting.

Integrated Audit Committee - Terms of Reference